Granite is a natural material and as a result color may vary even for the same type of granite.

When it comes to tombstone engraving photos, we offer two types of photos:

Machine tombstone engraving

One engraved by a machine that does the photo on granite. In that case, the photo will come out completely the same as the one you supplied us with. The picture you bring or email to us needs to be at least 300 megapixels in resolution and the size of the individual’s head shown on the photo must be at least 4 cm. If your picture doesn’t meet these requirements we cannot guarantee the quality of the tombstone engraving.


The second option is for the tombstone engraving to be done by an artist so the picture will come out as an artwork. Therefore, the engraving cannot be expected to look exactly like the photo but rather as an artwork. We work with some of the most talented artists in South Africa. Their work is top quality. The artists also require good quality pictures to base their work on.